WordPress website development

Websites are a fundamental part of your business, often they are used as a sole sales channel or to give customers crucial information. It is necessary to create a website with a unique design, easy to use and that shows your products in the best possible way. Four Swords has been dealing with WordPress and e-commerce website creation for over 6 years. 

Today, if you are not online, you are not selling efficiently. Consumer habits have changed, and companies are almost required to take part in the digital revolution to succeed. If you think you need a website to sell your products and increase your exposure, but you don’t know where to start, welcome. 

With more than 6 years of experience, Four Swords will help you not only with the creation and development of your website, but also in its daily management, offering you an easy and intuitive platform to grow and manage your business online.

WordPress Website Essentials

Captivating design
Unique design that grips and communicates the right vibe to your customers. 

Ease of use
In order to guarantee the best possible experience for your users.

Easy to control and update
To allow you an easy medium for communicating with your customers.

Security and speed
100% uptime and optimization for mobile and other devices.

A new website is similar to having a shop open 24 hours a day. Allowing customers, new and old, to discover your company without getting up from the sofa. But not only: thanks to the ease of management. You can quickly handle enquiries, orders, special promotions, update catalog, your marketing strategy and much more.

WordPress is the worlds number 1 CMS. Highly used by small and large companies alike. With a world-wide user base and a gazillion extensions/plugins WordPress is the perfect base to host your website.

Why rely on Four Swords for your WordPress website

At Four Swords we have a lot of experience in creating websites on the WordPress platform. This includes web design, maintenance and management. Over the years we have learnt to identify the ideal solutions for our customers. At the moment we work not only with companies, but also start-ups, freelancers and individuals in almost every sector.

We develop and program in PHP, taking advantage of the most well-known and performing platform WordPress. Our websites are almost always a custom solution set up from scratch to meet your business requirements. We set up a bunch of plugins that will also aid in this aspect.

In addition, once your new website is ready, we can collaborate with you to meet your web marketing strategy that best suits your business needs. The goal is to support the growth of your business organically day after day.

What to expect from an e-commerce solution created by Four Swords

Whenever we dedicate ourselves to the creation of an e-commerce website, we offer personalized and high quality performance, an aesthetic with attention to every detail, excellent stability, complete security in receiving and sending payments, as well as an incredible ease of navigation and order management, to ensure the best experience not only for your customers, but also for you and your collaborators.

  • Design a solution specifically for your business, with a responsive interface to automatically adapt to all screen sizes.

  • Total control of every element of the site. Graphic, content and product information. Grow and evolve your business.

  • Multiple payment options for your customers, accept credit card payments and paypal.

  • Simple management of discounts and bonuses for specific conditions.
  • Easy stock management with automated updates.

  • Create a loyalty program with CRM and software dedicated to Web Marketing, to send e-mail, sms or whatsapp to your customers with just one click.

  • Find new customers and contacts, through integration with web advertising. First of all Google Ads, to increase your presence in the market.

  • Text optimized for SEO for optimal indexing on search engines. To keep your business always visible online.

If you are looking for a web agency capable of helping you in the creation of your new e-commerce website, or capable of restyling your site, to grow your online presence, your sales and your business, you have found us. Contact Four Swords to discover the full potential of an online store.

Fill out the request form now, telling us about your ideas, and you will be contacted by the Four Swords team of specialists!

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